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  • Banking in India has one of the fastest growing financial markets in the developing world. Commercial banks, insurance companies, mutual funds and NBFCs form the core of this sector. The Payments Bank created by the financial regulators is the newest entrant in this sector.
  • A competitive edge in financial services requires superior financial skills and expertise in the fields of banking,insurance and other financial fields to address the huge potential of the industry. XL recruiter’s stint is not confined to recruiting talent for different organizations but also to address critical talent issues in the organization.

XL Human Resources recruitment firm caters to the following banking verticals

  • Wholesale Banking
  • Consumer Banking
  • Treasury/Global Market
  • Investment Banking


  • NBFC sector in India consist of Retail Lending, wholesale Lending, Structured Finance, Project finance, Housing finance etc. We understand the need of such companies for hiring the best of the talent for them. we specialize in following hiring within NBFC space.


  • Wholesale financing
  • Retail Financing
  • Housing Finance
  • Structured Finance
  • Asset Reconstruction/Distressed Assets
  • Infrastructure and Real Estate Financing

 Payment Banks:

  • A payments bank is a bank operating on a smaller scale without the power to issue loans and credit cards. With Payment banks setting up at rates faster than ever there is a pressing requirement for cream talent from the market. XL recruiters is an HR firm helping in advising Mid-senior and leadership roles.

XL recuiters as a HR recruitment company looks after the following functions within the Payment banks & Cards hiring.

  • Business Development
  • Client Management
  • Digital Payments
  • Product Manager/Product Head
  • Credit Risk
  • Information Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Support Functions Support functions (HR, Legal, Compliance, Finance)

 Global Shared Services:

  • Global Shared services Domain experts at XL Recruiters manage senior and leadership hiring for Global Shared Services across India.

    XL recruiters cater to roles in the Global Shared services roles

  • Technology hiring
  • Global Research
  • Global Trading
  • Quant Roles
  • Risk Roles (Credit Risk, Market Risk, Ops Risk)

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